A pure white sofa: the foundation for interior decor in 2015

Thursday, 29 January 2015

It is no surprise to anyone that the white colour has been dominating in the interior design world , it has been seen pretty much everywhere from decor magazines, instagram , they have even become part of our own home/houses/ room interiors. Today I have an article to share with you in regards to what 2015 and the colour white have to offer.
Of course an all white interior is not everyone's cup of tea however for 2015 it seems that a pure white sofa is the key comp omen in ' a home otherwise dominated by colour according to the design team at Bemz.' whom are an online Swedish online retail company known for a wide range of covers for the well known Ikea Furniture and many other textile products. They have introduced a new textile .. Belgian Linen Blend in addition to their already popular range of Absolute white fabrics.
Of course theres a vast variety of interior design trends in the world but one that stands out as a 'long term fashion is the personalised home , where one can happily blend design classics with IKEA furniture in order to create an interior that reflects who you are s a person.'  It seems that ' Natural materials, like bamboo and rattan, paired with green houseplants and patterned wallpaper are some of the elements contributing to an earnest and personal home in 2015. ' & so it seems that the white sofa plays a role in holding the whole interior together especially in eclectic spaces. 
"We see a clear interest in crisp, optical white over creamy shades. Pure white is a better match for modern interiors and signals a conscious choice. Furthermore, when offering machine washable sofa covers that are easy to remove, the look becomes manageable rather than dealing with expensive dry cleaning costs. Right now there is a strong interior design trend to change the covers of decorative cushions according to the season, so what better base to work from than an Absolute White sofa?" says Lisbeth Toivonen, Creative Director at Bemz.
With the release of Absolute White in Belgian Linen Blend, Bemz increases its offering of pure white fabrics to three different textiles: Belgian Linen Blend, Rosendal Pure Washed Linen and Panama Cotton. In February, a fourth will be added to the range of Absolute White fabrics, in a herringbone pattern from the sustainable collection, Bemz Respect.


What do you think of the White Interior Trend?

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