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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Being an aspiring Interior Designer Myself it was an honour to be able to interview the stunning and talented Celia  Sawyer a businesswoman, interior designer who owns the Channel 4 programme Four Rooms. 

A pure white sofa: the foundation for interior decor in 2015

Thursday, 29 January 2015

It is no surprise to anyone that the white colour has been dominating in the interior design world , it has been seen pretty much everywhere from decor magazines, instagram , they have even become part of our own home/houses/ room interiors. Today I have an article to share with you in regards to what 2015 and the colour white have to offer.
Of course an all white interior is not everyone's cup of tea however for 2015 it seems that a pure white sofa is the key comp omen in ' a home otherwise dominated by colour according to the design team at Bemz.' whom are an online Swedish online retail company known for a wide range of covers for the well known Ikea Furniture and many other textile products. They have introduced a new textile .. Belgian Linen Blend in addition to their already popular range of Absolute white fabrics.


Wednesday, 12 November 2014

I think it is fair to say that pretty much most of us get very excited around this time of the year as Christmas is slowly approaching us. This time of the years has a magical feel to it and  in my family it is a tradition to always deeply embrace it and with that comes the decor of the house.  I have come up with two pretty simple and basic Christmas Decorating Ideas to give you a little bit of inspiration of ways to style your houses or apartments.

What's great about the schemes I have come up with is that apart from the obvious decor items such as the reindeer heads, christmas wall art and of course it wouldn't be christmas without a christmas tree most items can be used within your decor throughout the whole year which is great for anyone on the budget or if you would  like to decorate in a what I like to call multi tasking way where items can have a multiple purpose.


Christmas Silver & Gold Decor

In the scheme above the colours are more toned down however to add a bit of contrast the gorgeous Log Rack from Thos Baker has been used this great piece not only adds a very chrstmasy feel to the interior but will also add a bit of warmth to the space throughout the whole year. The Bobby Berk Coffee Table  with a gorgeous shagreen perimeter works beautifully with the Arhaus Sofa whilst the slight pops of gold with the Candle , Faux Table Flowers and the Reindeer Ornament add a nice pop of contrasting colour without taking away from the neutral overall scheme. The Grey Cushion and Cream Cushion are very subtle however because of the faux fur texture they add a nice soft feel to the scheme whilst the Lamp is more of an industrial style item which works very well with the table.


Grey & Wood Christmas Decor

Whilst this scheme is still quiet subtle and neutral darker tones have been used with more industrial style items which give this scheme a more masculine look. The Sofa adds the most drama to the room with its dark grey tones however to add a more feminine feel to the space the Kathy Kuo Cushions and faux fur Blanket are both very subtle soft and with its textures as well as the subtle print on the white cushion. The rusticy items such as the Coffee Table, Console, and Eicholtz Trunk add a strong and bold look to the scheme which once again works perfectly for christmas and throughout the year.

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