DETTOL CAMPAIGN 'How far will you go to avoid the doorknob?'

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

I was recently contacted by Spink Healthcare PR about a very interesting and relatable to pretty much all of us topic of the importance of staying healthy during the winter season as it very popular for flu's and colds. Dettol have come up with a video showcasing what a lot of us tend to do in order to avoid touching objects in public places we don't necessary want to , its actually a very interesting and truth telling clip , it made me giggle but it also brings out the importance of sanitising our hands and making sure we do take that extra step which really does help our health and could prevent us from getting ill.

Dettol is a brand which carry products which are safe to use on the skin but at the same time are powerful enough to kill the germs and bacteria that we are surrounded by. I was very kindly sent some of their products you can see in the photo above along with a healthy home guide which informs about the importance of a healthy home and how these simple steps can not only improve your health but also prevent you from any unnecessary illnesses.  Below you can watch the Clip created by Dettol which is worth sharing with your family and friends!

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