New York Style Apartment Decor

Thursday, 10 April 2014

A New York Style apartment is probably something a lot of us wish we had. They tend to be beautiful and have a gorgeous traditional with a twits of a modern touch feel to them similar seen to my proposed design above of course that is dependent on the individual living in one however this is just my interpretation  of what I would imagine it to look and feel like.

In my design above I stuck to a pretty minimal design with a slight masculine feel with the chrome accessories and a slight pop of color with the sofa. The colors of the decor have been kept simple but to give it a more 'designed' feel subtle patterns and texture were added i.e. in the cushions on the sofa along with the geometric carpet. The dark wooden floor livens up this room adding a bit of drama to the overall atmosphere in the room.


  1. Amazing!!


  2. Wow you honestly have such an amazing blog!! Will be following, not for the sake of being followed back, but because I honestly feel this is truly inspirational for when I buy my own home!! Keep up the good work! (And thanks for the follow on instagram, appreciate it!!)

  3. So glad I've found your other blog! Love all the design and decor inspiration, I've followed you on GFC, and will certainly be keeping up with more posts from you :)

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