Blue and Grey Lounge Decor

Sunday, 23 March 2014


The living room is a space in a residential home where people tend to go to relax and/or socialise in. The accents of the deep and light blues in this living room create a contemporary take on your typical decor for a living space  leaving it with a fresh and unique feel. A pop of colour is a great way to transform your space completely and give it a set mood, the use of dark colours with in a light space creates a moody atmosphere without being too much. The design above overall has a very masculine feel however the use of accessories such as the plant and a decorative pendant add a bit of a feminine touch to the space.

The image below shows a few items which can be purchased and placed in your own living room based on the design I have produced above.

              Lamp    Pendant      Grey Sofa      Navy Sofa       Cushion    Painting 

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