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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Bathrooms have seen a big change over the last few years, the shabby chic and french style bathrooms are now in the past , minimalistic , extravagant and luxurious bathroom designs are making an appearance in 2014. The sleek and uncluttered design that are being proposed have become very popular and more demanding.

The concept behind these bathrooms is to create a relaxing space with a luxurious feel to them. The bright palettes have been turned away and the use of earth colours such as taupes, greys and lighter muted  schemes have become more popular.

Another change that has occured and is becoming more popular as a trend is the fixtures that are being put in the bathroom designs. Floating sinks, free standing tubs , framless showers have all been a big part of this.

Above is a design I produced based on these new trends, as you can see the design is pretty simple yet has a very effective and strong visual impact due to the colours, accessories and simplicity of the design. The golden colours in the design give it a luxurious feel along with the bold mirror on the wall.

What do you think of the new bathroom trends?

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