Saturday, 7 December 2013

I have been working on a ground floor for a gorgeous new built property where the brief was to design an office/ lounge, dinning room, as well as a kids play room in the style of Andrew Martin, which personally I absolutely adore I think its so chic and brings 'designer' feel to the overall design of the interior for sure. The use of sleek furniture designs and the neutral palette that flows through out the scheme looks stunning, what I love is the chrome details whether it be gold or silver it looks fab. The style is almost very masculine however with a few touches it could easily be softened a little and made more feminine. The images on the left show some of the inspirational images I used whilst planning this design which you can see in the floor plans below.

On the first plan above the main feature in between the kitchen and the lounge is the fire place which would separate the two but also act as a feature focal point within the space that has been designed. There are two dinning rooms one for day to day purposes and one for formal dinners. The office has a TV lounge area, a desk as well as a wall built fire to give it a homey and warm feeling. Kids area has an L shaped sofa long with a play area where wall hang chairs have been placed for a fun visual effect as well as a modern touch to the room.

The images of the dining interiors on the right hand side are a great example how with a touch of colour or a feminine chandelier the space can be have a more dainty feel and look. I love the pop of colour which has been used in the image below it adds a little bit of drama and essence to the overall feel of the space. The images above show possible images for the office/lounge area this area is very masculine but the warm colours and lighting bring a bit of warmth to it and give it  a family feel.


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