SHAPES AND FORMS. Eating Disorders.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

This Project was based on the theme of shapes and forms, a shape consists of several forms. Having looked at various shapes and forms I personally decided to focus on human shapes and forms to narrow the subject. I decided to look deeper into the human body shapes furthermore I started looking into the matter of eating disorders and looking at human forms at the most extreme. The celebration of new form of women in history of art versus the media celebration of zero size models and how size 0 models are rarely seen in artwork is is the bigger woman that are seen.  I did observational life drawings as well as sketches from secondary sources. I looked at various photographs, books and magazines in order to complete my research for this project. Artist used for inspiration were; Tony Cragg and Jenny Saville.

Tittle Page

Drawings using various materials such as ;pencil, pen, acrylic paint.



Painting using acrylic paint of an anorexic body 

                                                                     Pen Drawing

                                                               Mono Print

                                        Artist Inspired painting of a mannequin covered in measuring tape


Chocolate Bar shaped piece of work using kitchen foil and measuring tape .

                                                         Acrylic Painting

                                                          Pen Drawing

                                                    Pencil Drawing

Soft pastel Drawing

Oil paint 

                                                 A2 Mono print using measuring tape to cut out the letters of the writing

                      A2 mono print , coloured in using soft pastels and magazine cuttings in the background


Silk screen print

                                        A1 mono print with painted measuring tapes in the background

Painting using acrylic paint on a piece of wood, with smashed pieces of tiles used to represent the measuring tape.

A framed collage using newspaper magazine cuttings, sweet wrappers and acrylic paint. 

Visit to the V&A

                                             Looking at Artists and their work.

                                                                 Jenny Saville


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