DISTRESSED. Urban Decay.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

This Project was Based on the subject of Distress, In order to narrow it down I based my research on Urban Decay. I began by looking at abandoned buildings, places, objects etc along with distressed surfaces.  I looked at the different areas around London and found images of distressed buildings, object which were falling apart which I then photographed and sketched. In this project I used various methods and techniques in order to make my work more interesting . As my inspiration for my work I looked at various artists some of which were John Piper, The Boyle Family and visited the Saatchi Gallery which had a lot of contemporary art work which influenced and inspired me a lot in my work.

                                                               Tittle Page


                                                                  Pencil Drawing

Collage of photographs on the left and a mono-print on the right

 Distressed Surfaces:  On the right sanding paper ripped up and stuck on.         
 On the Left Photographs of distressed surfaces both primary and secondary sources.

                                                          Study of The Boyle Family

                      My interpretation of the Boyle Family , a pavement using mod rock and acrylic paint

More Inspired work by The Boyle Family

                                                Study of the Artist John Piper

                                              Work based on John Pipers Ideas

                                                   Visit to the Saatchi Gallery in London

                         Work based on natures distressed objects and forms

                                              Silk Screen Printing

A pencil Drawing Based on te Subject of "abandoned places" the fence was made using mod rock.

Canvas work based on Urban Decay.
The main idea behind this particular piece of work was to produce a piece of work which would have a meaning for both subject matters and was unique. This was inspired partly by the Boyle Family who used natural materials in their work , my other inspiration came from Margaret Melis who used wood in her work. 

                                                   Distressed Under ground Sign.

This was my final piece which I produced at the end of the project. The idea of this was to combine all of my ideas in one. The composition is simple however conveys the meaning distress and urban decay well. It is a mixed media piece of work. The materials used were; acrylic paint, sanding paper, wood, metal fencing and a bit of mod rock.


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