Yellow & Grey Bedroom & Lounge Decor

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Grey and Yellow tones have been one of my favourite combinations at the moment , the grey gives the space a lovely neutral and earthy toned vibe whilst the yellow adds that little bit of pop of colour without being over dramatic. Today's post is based around how one space can be used for different purposes. I love this beach house setting whether you'd prefer it as a lounge or a bedroom with a view I have put together two design ideas to give you  a little bit of inspiration on how the two could easily transform this space to beautiful setting, if only we all had a beach house like this ey?! ;)

Although the colour palette has been kept pretty simple throughout the design , in order to give it an interesting look I have used various textures, patterns and tones of the natural colours to still give the design that 'designer' look. The mixture of chrome and gold work well in this scheme and I feel like the yellow accessories and touches bring it all together.

It can be quiet hard to source the exact items sometimes as for example the chair has been upholstered in the Casablanca from DwellStudio Fabric, having said that below I have sourced some of the items I used in the design if you were to recreate the look or were interested where to find some of these beautiful pieces used in the lounge setting above.

lounge yellow tones


The bedroom decor above has a very similar feel to the lounge decor above, this would be a beautiful view to wake up to for sure. The gold and yellow tones add warmth to the overall feel to bedroom. 


What do you think of this decor and colour palette? 

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